Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'kranken' - finally brought fourth!

Like a workaday prank on a new starter, it's been a long weight, but it's been worth it, just to see the look on the poor sap's face (sorry about that, Trev).

Yes... this blog post marks the return of North South Divide comedy podcast action after a long hiatus.

Listen online!

Downloady! (right-click, Save As)
NSD-04-kranken-96k.mp3 (18MB MP3)
...a dose of comedy, ready to be downloaded to your Generic MP3 Player

Voice Talentry!
During this podcast, you will hear the following guest star voices:
Debs Clark
Beth Hart
Florida Goddess

and, of course, our Voiceover man Stephen!
Please feel at liberty to express yourself cathartically by clicking the handy 'comments' link below... your thoughts, remonstrations, requests and dedications are more than welcome.

If your fingers really are feeling itchy, an email to comedy(at)trevs-shed.net might help alleviate the symptoms, and it causes less injury than sandpaper*.


Trev 'n james

*Only as part of a calorie-controlled dietician. If in doubt about anything podcast related, always consult your GP. Objects in your rear view mirror may appear shinier than they are. Always read the label. Done, finished, good.