Monday, March 12, 2007

Rock Lobster Podcast!

It's gone..! TPN is no more, so the Rock podcast has gone. We will find it. Oh yes. (Please can you have a look under your sofa?)

You'll never guess what. Halfway through the preparation for the next long-awaited North South Divide, we were invited to wreak havoc on someone else's cherished podcast.. imagine.. Trev and me.. let out of our padded cells.. oh the humanity!

So, prepare yourself for half an hour of music and two oafs larking about, while over 150 miles apart. Surely that is Web3.0?

Listen.. learn.. eeyore*!

Downloady here:
Live is life! La la la la-la! 128kbps MP3 (27.4MB)

More NSD coming soon, honest! For now, though, from both of us,

*I have no idea what she says. Actually, I do. It's "Evolve." Well.

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