Monday, December 21, 2009

No more NSD.

Hello loyal NSD listeners. It has been a massive surprise and pleasure to me that so many people have enjoyed what we have made.

Sadly we will not be making any more, due to an unfortunate situation which I cannot see being resolved. I am truly saddened by this, as I am very proud of what we created here. I know that what we made, was of very high quality and made a lot of people laugh.

The files will be left where they are for the podcasts that we have already made, and they will still be downloadable.

I have to take this moment to thank firstly all of the listeners, who have made making this podcast a pleasure, tens of thousands of downloads and only one complaint. A statistic that I think that we can be truly proud of.

Most importantly, I would like to thank James Hart, I know that this is about to become a "without whom" but it is true. He truly made the NSD what it was, neither of us could have made it without the other.

Finally thank you to Beth Hart, who was the long suffering Kimberley Penge, amongst many others. She was important in the making of the podcast in many ways, and also one of our vital supporters.

Thank you, this may not be a definite final thing, but I am not expecting anymore NSD's I am afraid.

I hope that you enjoyed listening to them half as much as we enjoyed making them. I wish James & Beth good luck in the future.

I am off to work on some new projects, I will let you know more as I go.

One final thank you, to you, for sticking with us, dear listener. We did it for you. These podcasts gave me the confidence to start writing again, and I shall never forget the support that I have received.