Monday, October 04, 2010

Putting back the pieces...

Verbesserungsvorschlagsversammlung glockenspiel...

Hello..! It's james here, here. I'm a bit of a podcast addict, and I was gently sifting through the iTunes directory the other day when what should I chance upon but The North South Divide listed in the 'podcasts like this' category of a rather amusing show I enjoy. Well, wasn't I a little taken aback and pleased? Yes, indeed I was - it means the comedy bletherings Trev and I wrote and recorded still has something of a presence in this internet of ours.

What's a bit of a shame, therefore, is that Trev has had to give up his storage space (presumably to allow some more internet to be poured in for someone else) so all the delicious audio and many of the shiny pictures vanished from this long-neglected site.

Until now.
(dramatically placed in the middle of the screen)
I've had a bit of a rummage and an ask about, and managed to get hold of the remnants of the eight-and-a-half podcasts Trev and I did. They're all here for your delectation. If delectating is your thing.

I've also done a bit of tidying, so that all the podcasts are displayed in chronically chronological order on the right.. and there's a nice new set of links for you to click if you fancy something else amusing to hear.

Will there be any more comedy? I can only speak for myself - I've got some ideas for a series to put together, and I'm a regular contributor to quite a few other podcasts... but as soon as anything concrete turns up, I'll wonder who left it there and probably need a crane to move it.

You can also keep up with the goings-on of the North South Dividers in shortform, through the miracle of Twitter:
All the best to you and yours, then!

formerly out of The North South Divide.


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